NASA Training.

I’m trying to draw more so today I drew a wizard in Photoshop that I think isn’t that terrible!

Hey everyone, check out the fucking amazing short film by my great friend Alex Horan. It is probably one of the best shorts I have seen in a long time. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Me and Tyler Haywood just finished this music video for the awesome band God is an Astronaut. You should watch it and then go “wow that band is really good.”


talked to resident BRAAINZZ animator Dick Flair who did the analogue’ly tripped-out video to “StoneColdSteveBoston”.  he’s developing a video for this track here now. i love this  sparklehorse song and’m proud o the cover, so i’m totes stoked, y’all. totes stoked.


Hey everyone check out this new video I made.